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Starts with a solid foundation. Trained certified roofers will assess and replace plywood as needed for structural stability and a solid foundation to build off of.
Metal flange L shaped eave and rake protection that guards against water from rolling back into home and rotting wood at edges of roof.
Double layered self adhesive reinforced waterproof membrane that is the ultimate defense against water penetration. This patented next generation layer goes in all the high risk areas of your roof. To include valleys, skylights, eaves near gutter, dormers and any other prone leaking areas
Tamko’s Full synthetic guard underlayment plus. Is waterproof with high strength tested . This is the best of the best. No traditional easy tearing like tar felt paper
Double adhesive strip shingles on the top and underside. This product allows the edges of the roof to be just as strong and adhered as all other areas. The adhesive locks in and allows for the install to resist speeds of up to 160 mph.
A flexible self adhering sbs modified bitumen roof deck seam tape. Designed with a polymer film on the surface and a removable adhesive release film on the adhesive side. It is used to cover all joints and seams and provide secondary protection against water penetration
It is highly important to have the proper ventilation required by code for your home. Most homes in Virginia are under ventilated due to improper installation and inexperienced roofers. A&S provides and exceeds all necessary state and manufacturer’s specs for attic ventilation. Ridge vent ventilation comes with every new roof. Which is required to have that lifetime warranty and be up to code in Virginia. After new ventilation is installed it then get covered with double layered ridge cap shingles to lock the vents in place for a lifetime. Your home deserves the best roofing system at an affordable price give A&S a call. Free inspection and estimates

Ensure your property’s roof is in peak condition by relying on the team at A & S Clean Sweep. We offer complete roof replacement in Virginia Beach, VA, to efficiently deal with a number of roofing issues. Whether you have a few missing shingles or your roof regularly leaks, our team has the skills and equipment needed to quickly fix any problems with your roof. Additionally, we offer to install and repair a variety of other roof components, including:

A Quality Roof Protects Your Family
A roof is exposed to different weather elements such as wind, sun, or rain and can therefore be highly susceptible to damage. A roof that has been deteriorated is likely to collapse and injure those living inside your home. Using reliable materials and trustworthy workmanship we provide our customers with quality roof replacement services and ensure that your loved ones stay protected for years to come.
Roof Replacement Benefits For Your Home
If the roof of your home is falling apart, a roof replacement can help provide great benefits such as more security and stability, long term savings as well as an improved curbed appeal. A new roof can give your home a fresh look and boost property value. However, even if your roof was constructed using the best materials, it is likely to wear down over the years. To seek the best roof replacement and roof repair services in Virginia, we are here to help.

  • Pipe Boots
  • Skylights
  • Attic Fans
  • Attic Vents
  • Ridge Vents and Caps

Roof Replacement

The question you may be asking now is, “How do I know when my roof needs to be replaced?”. Some signs include worn or missing shingles, ceiling spots, leaking, or excessive growth of algae and other moss. A & S Clean Sweep is properly equipped to ensure your roof is properly replaced to offer you peace of mind. If you aren’t sure about the status of your roof, contact our team for a roof inspection to determine the best solution for you! We replace various types of roofs, including,
Furthermore, if your roof is damaged beyond repair, our team can also take care of the complete replacement. We also work on various types of roofs, including:
  • Shingles
  • Flat Roofing
  • EPDM Roofing
  • SBS Roofing

Covering All Of Your Roofing Needs

Chesapeake Bay Roofing is a premier roofing company known for our commitment to quality and excellence in the Virginia Beach area. Specializing in residential and commercial roofing solutions, we prioritize customer satisfaction and durability in every project we undertake. One of our standout offerings is the Total Protection Roofing System, a comprehensive solution designed to provide unmatched protection and longevity to roofs

This system comprises three critical components: Seal, Defend, and Breathe. The Seal component includes a self-sealing barrier that prevents water penetration, while Defend utilizes high-performance underlayment to shield against harsh weather conditions. Lastly, the Breathe element ensures proper attic ventilation, reducing moisture buildup and enhancing the roof’s lifespan. By incorporating the Total Protection Roofing System, Chesapeake Bay Roofing ensures that our clients receive top-tier protection and peace of mind for years to come.

Illuminating Skylight Installation

In addition to providing roof maintenance solutions, our team also handles various skylight installations for our customers. A skylight is a great way to add natural light to any room. Plus, if you have any issues with an existing skylight, our team also provides various repair solutions. So whether you need to fix your roof or install a new skylight, trust our experienced roofers to take care of the work.

When Should You Repair or Replace your Roof?

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